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It's interesting listening to music you haven't listened to in along time it almost fells new.
Parts of the songs remind me of good times and bad.
Such as Alexisonfire Pulmonary archery reminds me of becoming friends with Rhys, palmer, eric, and roy.
It reminds of those weekends going bowling and wendy's then coming back to my house and chillin.
As I lay Dying forever reminds me of the summer and all the wild shit I did.
Music right now is doing me pretty right.
These past few years have shaped my life and I'm grateful for meeting all of these people.
Even though some of them were not as enjoyable as others they were all still worth it.

Does anyone remember listening to the new alexis in palmers car and just having a sexcellent time.
I sure as fuckin do for sure.
Who remembers going to palmers at easter and having a feast and drinking a few pops.
I do.
High school was a fucking laugh I just hope college keeps it rockin.

Anyways I got a Job at montana's as a line cook it's pretty good. I dont really think I want to work there over the summer since I'll be working all night's. But all in all it's alright.

It's weird that I've wrote this because all of this has been gone for a while now but today It seems that I miss it. Anyways Everyone keep dancing and keep having a good time.

Love Chris
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